Hello HR,

I am currently working with a bank as an assistant to a procurement officer. There is another manager from a different department who keeps pestering me with  sexual advances i am not interested in.

The company has a policy of not taking office property to the house. i once went home with the office mifi, which i returned the following day. The manager has a video of me putting the office mifi into my bag, and has threatened to show the video to management if i do not succumb to his desires. I pleaded with him severally but he will still not let go. This is affecting my productivity at work and my boss is getting suspicious.

How do i confess confess to my boss  without losing my job and how do i get to solve things amicably with the boss who is blackmailing me



Company policies are to be complied with. You clearly breached one and for your information, it has implications. Aside the manager pestering you with sexual advances, if there was any audit of a sort and it was out that you broke a policy, you would be sanctioned.

Report yourself to your boss. Confess to him, explaining why you took the mifi home (I hope it was so you would be able to complete a task on time and not to download music videos) and apologize.  Your manager will be empathetic knowing you took it home in order to meet a deadline.

When forgiven, go and see this manager that is pestering you and tell him that you have duly informed your boss and received his pardon(by taking this courageous decision, he will see his chances of succeeding with this blackmail has been severely hampered by your boss’ pardon) and that you want him to help you succeed in your role. Appeal to his conscience by asking him to see you as a younger sister. Whilst interacting with him record the conversation as he is likely to debunk your request and insist on his lustful thoughts. The next time he comes at you again, play the recording to him to stay of you else you would be the one reporting him to management for making repeated sexual advances at you. Let me caution you ti exercise great care at the workplace. Uphold all company policies, stay away from unnecessary conversation and perform at your best.