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Ghana’s HR industry is at the crossroads of a new dawn -Digital Recruitment – and what most HR Practitioners will acknowledge is that the way companies locate and attract top talent has changed dramatically in recent years.

The days of handing out resumes in person are all but over. The process of collecting and analysing job applications have moved in a completely digital direction and in Ghana, this is being championed by companies like, which outdoored a new jobs portal at the recent HR Focus Conference and Awards.

Twenty years ago, the resume was a piece of paper,” said Mabel Adu, CEO of Beauty and Health services provider, Aloette Africa. “Now, it’s a collection of all [candidate] data that can be found online. This helps employers to assess whether a person will fit the role specified for the job,” adds Mabel Adu, whose company recruits through the Tonaton jobs portal.

The new Jobs portal has an improved user-experience and comes with an updated interface enriched with tools and resources that will delight both employers and job seekers.

The new portal is embedded with features that highlight the following:

A better summary view for the employer dashboard

The summary view provides details on total and shortlisted applicants, and gives employers the option to view ‘All, Active, and Expired’ jobs. It also has an updated design for improved display of important dates.

Actions and Buckets on the job applicants’ view

Employers can now shortlist and reject profiles to move them to the respective bucks to make progress on hiring for a position. The buckets for Inbox and Shortlist show the count of candidates in each of them.

Bulk actions are supported on the Job applicants’ view

Users can now bulk shortlist and reject profiles to become more productive. With enhanced Filter and Search features, productivity of the employer dashboard has been optimised.

Candidate Profiles has also introduced a new concept of candidate profile. Every applicant, who applies for a job on the platform will have a candidate profile.

These profiles are not seen by other users as these are obviously private to the individual candidate. Only when a user applies for a job on our platform will the profile be sent to the employer.

HR is constantly ensuring we add value to the bottom line. This can be easily achieved if employers and recruiters adapt and move to modern recruiting technology,” says Janet Asomaning HR Manager at “Employers should invest in their hiring process to find rightly-skilled people easily.

These new tools we have deployed on will allow recruiters and hiring managers to easily and affordably find, evaluate and organize top job candidates, while innovative assessment and filtering techniques will help provide a 360-degree holistic view of top applicants,” adds Janet Asomaning.

With the Tonaton online classifieds space, HR Practitioners will have a bigger talent pool to choose from, demonstrating the commitment of the brand to always create products which add value to businesses in Ghana.

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