Tech Companies Should Focus on ‘Opportunities’ to Encourage Women (News)


Employers should focus on opportunities rather than fixating on challenges when encouraging women into technical careers, according to Marilyn Morrison, HR Director of software development consultancy, Scott Logic.

“Unless you work in software, it is hard to appreciate the opportunities which exist. “It is not just about developing the software; it is about the user experience, testing, or technical project management. There is a progression and such an array of roles available,” she said.

She added: “The challenge is that only about 50% of female Science, Technology, Engineering and Technology (STEM) graduates go on to work in the STEM industry, compared to about 68% of males.

Morrison said that the way to encourage more women into STEM industries is to promote the wide variety of roles. “The future is in trying to sell the fabulous opportunities that are available within technology. We should be showing how we can change people’s behaviours with the type of work we do.”

“Sometimes I think we need to turn around what the challenge is, and turn it into an opportunity,” she added.


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