Creating People Advantage a must for HR (Article)


Employees are indeed a company’s greatest assets and effective Human Resource Management rely heavily on employee engagement and satisfaction.


With the current rise and fall of economic standards, organisations are most likely to cut costs and this usually hits human resource the hardest, being more of an expense unit as opposed to direct revenue generation.


There is no denying that the employment market today leaves very little room for luck or a ‘deserving’ candidate. That does not go to say that employers are spoilt for choice either because the war for talent has become fiercer with each market and organizational shift, yet people are the firm’s most valuable resource as the engine that drives innovation, execution, and ultimately, success.


HR is forced to place a freeze on hiring, or even go as far as the undesirable laying off in favour of role mergers, job rotations and flatter systems, which require a highly adaptable, flexible and multi skilled workforce. A plus because that added value puts a worker in a better positon to be more productive, refining their skills, increasing their scope of knowledge to having a corporate ‘savoir’ and ‘savoir faire’; the essence of creating a people advantage.


Just as an organisation has a competitive advantage over the other in terms of their products and services offering, a business that supports the HR function to strategically place its people at their corporate best, generates a competitive people advantage and this, in our current business world, is a must for the Human Resource function.


Creating a people advantage allows HR managers to support the business in less favourable times, maximising on people investment for a highly skilled workforce. It encompasses long term workforce planning, recruiting, performance management and employee development – A competitive advantage created through people strategies that focus on developing a workforce and consequently a nation.


The economic hardships stress the critical role of HR to ensure continuity and prosperity of the company, by investing in the long term benefits of developing a workforce. Human Resource therefore takes the responsibility to create a learning organisation that develops talent, creates strong leaders, and enhances emotional well-being.


In line with these trends, HR Focus Magazine is providing a platform where ideas can be exchanged, bringing out expertise that births innovative strategies for HR professionals to take on this challenge efficaciously.


It is indeed necessary to create people advantage and which better function to handle it effectively than HR? The theme – Creating People Advantage – A must for HR, is a charge for HR as well as leaders to sit up and champion the development agenda by maximising the efficiency of their people.


On this occasion of the HR Focus awards night, I want to congratulate the organisers for an event well planned and executed.


May the best company win.


Thank you


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