HR Advised not to Depend Only on Referrals


The research found that employee referrals boost the odds of this by between 2.6% and 6.6%.Sourcing candidates through employee referrals is more likely to lead to a successful job match, according to research from employment review website Glassdoor.

Lee Biggins, Founder and Managing Director of CV-Library has said that there are both benefits and drawbacks to using referrals: “A personal recommendation from a colleague can be very valuable when identifying new talent, not to mention the elimination of the usual recruitment costs.” However, it is important to remember that while referrals can be an effective hiring tool, they should not be your only hiring tool, and should instead form part of your broader recruitment plan.”

“Depending solely on referral schemes may actually lead to HR professionals missing out on the best candidates. Even employees with the largest list of social contacts will not always be connected to all emerging and existing talent in the sector,” he added.

Biggins also warned that relying on referrals could stifle diversity within a business. “Quite often, people are connected to other professionals with similar skills and qualities to themselves, meaning HR specialists that depend on referrals run the risk of employing staff with similar skill sets rather than diversifying the talent pool.”

“By complementing referral schemes with your own searches and other recruitment methods, you will ensure you cover all avenues and not miss that potentially important candidate.”

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